Basic Life Support with AED – Adult

In the UK, the ambulance services attempt resuscitation in approximately 30000 people each year, the 98% of cardiac arrests happen in adults, one third of those were on people aged 15-64 years. At present, fewer than 1 person in 10 survives when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs out of hospital, and the major reason so few people currently survive is that defibrillation isn’t provided quickly enough – Resuscitation Council UK.

Our Basic Life Support with Automated External Defibrillation (AED) course has been design to provide all the candidates with the skills and knowledge to perform competent basic life support and effective and safe use of an AED in adults.

This course is in line with the Resuscitation Council UK 2021 Guidelines and aligned with Core Skills Training Framework (level 2).

All resuscitation course instructors are resuscitation council UK instructors


Learners should be a minimum of 14 years of age to undertake this course.

Learners must be physically capable of performing CPR on the floor (for assessment purposes).


Scene assessment

Management of chocking casualties

Recovery position

Recognition of the collapsed patient

Activation of emergency services

Recognition of cardiac arrest

Cardiac compressions

Safety principles for the use of an AED

Appropriate use of an AED

Instruction in basic resuscitation equipment including AED


Face to face course – 2.5 hours

Price p/ Person:



Candidates who attend the session and successfully complete the course will be issued a certificate valid for 1 year.

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