Immediate Life Support Instructor Course – ILSi

ILSi is a Resuscitation Council UK specialist Instructor course. This 1 day course gives the Candidates the skills to become an Instructor in Immediate Life Support (ILS) and Paediatric Immediate Life Support (PILS)*

The ILSi teaches the knowledge and skills required to:

-understand the nature of teaching and learning;
-understand the needs of individual learners;
-understand the awareness of the four domains of learning;
-undertake the various types of teaching sessions on the provider courses.

These skills can then be used to teach fellow healthcare professionals at ILS and PILS courses.

*Applicants must have receievd a nomination to be eligible to apply.

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The only way to take an ILSi course is to be recommended as a Candidate with Instructor Potential (IP) while attending an ILS or PILS course.

If you are recommended, the Resuscitation Council UK will send you an invitation to take the ILSi course.


This is a one day course that consists of lectures, skill stations and simulation teaching sessions.

Safe Steps UK is one of the ILSi approced centres by Resuscitation Council UK.

Our ILSi Courses are run by dedicated and qualified Instructors, who have taken an RCUK Instructor course and have years of experience teaching in different settings.

*Pre-course preparation:

All Candidates will receive a copy of the Pocket Guide to Teaching for Clinical Instructors, as well as teaching materials and assessment forms at least four weeks prior to the course, which they must read in preparation for the course. They should use the materials to prepare for their allocated teaching session that will take place during the course.


During the one-day course, Candidates will learn about what is needed to deliver an ILS and PILS course, learning and practicing key skills and facilitating teaching simulations.

Please see the full ILSi programme here.


1 Day

Price p/ Person:

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Upon successful completion of the course, Candidates will receive a Resuscitation Council UK ILS Instructor certificate. Certified Instructors will also receive complementary Associate Membership of Resuscitation Council UK, which provides a variety of benefits. This course is recognised as continuing professional development (CPD) by the Medical, Dental and Nursing Royal Colleges and Health Care Professional Council.

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